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©2019 Lovingly created by Sarah O Bax


I'm Sarah, a visionary, writer, creative mystic and passionate Mama to two beautiful boys, Romeo and Phoenix.


I have spent the last seven years hoping and healing, transitioning and transforming, screaming and surrendering my way through Motherhood.


It was a Rite of Passage that led this very capable, very strong, yet naive young maiden into a deep suffocating darkness of sleep deprived psychosis, trauma associated diagnoses, depression and despair.

One that cracked my beautiful world wide open and challenged my very existence.


A very personal, powerful one.

I first began to tip my maiden toes into the sacred waters of the divine feminine after I was forced to make the heart breaking decision to walk away from my "business babies" and close down my successful gourmet relish company, Relish This, back in 2012.

Unknowingly, this closure cleared the path for me to embark on the most tumultuous, grueling, soul shattering journey of my life.  One that would eventually spiral full circle to create a completely transformed new world - one with new beliefs, new skills, new blessings, new love for life and a new me.



For many, the Rite of Passage of Motherhood, along with a feminine spiritual awakening is an incredibly intense, drawn out and difficult undertaking.  It requires an immense amount of courage and commitment to wade into the deep dark caverns within ourselves.  One many women choose to take for the sake of, or while holding the hand of their child.

Hiding in these depths of the feminine mysteries is a powerful passageway into something magical and transformational, something that transmutes trauma and succumbs self-sacrifice.  It is the awareness of the powerful transition from Maiden to Mother - when a woman naturally embodies her full, whole self with trust, faith, creative purpose, strength, joy and inner peace.

This, the MOTHER energy, is a woman in


Mother Rising
I have created Mother Rising to share my supportive story, mystical lessons and natural healings I uncovered to guide other women on their journey to discovering their innate feminine wisdom and becoming a thriving Mother. 

And how the ancient wisdom of Mother Nature, the sacred feminine arts and teachings from those who came before us were vital to my survival and transformational healing.

I truly hope you find some clarity and feel nurtured while you are here

Love Sarah xx

"A Mother is she who can take the place of all others,
but whose place no one else can take"